077: Nationalize The Airlines with Joe Mayall


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This week we talked with Joe Mayall from joewrote.com about nationalizing the airline industry. https://joewrote.substack.com/p/the-case-for-the-united-states-airline Find this and Joe's other writing at joewrote.substack.com For an extended version of this episode as well as extra episodes, become a patron of the Turn Leftist podcast at patreon.com/turnleftist for as little as $1/month patreon.com/turnleftist 100% of contributions are used to fund our producer: People's Commissar For Production instagram.com/pcfproduction pcfproduction1312@gmail.com JUST RESTOCKED ALL SIZES of our "Reagan is Satan" official Turn Leftist Podcast shirts! Available at: https://turn-leftist-podcast.myshopify.com/ Linktree (with links to shirts & Discord): https://www.linktr.ee/turnleftist Sterling: twitter.com/turnleftistpod Ward: instagram.com/millennialleftist and twitter.com/wardlawley Jaron: instagram.com/jarondagan Cosper: patreon.com/existence_is_innocent Mike: instagram.com/turnleftist.v5

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