The Energy of Passion with Rob Christman


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You can be very successful but still feel like you want something different, something more. You may even feel stifled. But leveraging your skills and experience can open doors to finding work that is more within your passion. The energy of passion cannot be understated.

To explore this more, I interviewed Robert Christman, CEO of Fastek. Speaking from personal experience, Rob stressed that when you’re working within your passion, you no longer dread work. He is very motivated and energized by working within his passion, and staying laser-focused on his current mission. In this, team is extremely important. Rob goes on to share about the power and motivation of exuding excitement and sharing that with your team.

“Focus on what you’re passionate about. If it’s something you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work… And the money will come. There will be opportunities.” -- Rob Christman

What You’ll Learn

  • Rabbit hole processes
  • Sources of passion and motivation
  • Surrounding yourself with the right team
  • Motivation through excitement
  • Choosing to recharge
  • Finding work within your passion

Connect with Robert Christman

Rob Christman joined Fastek in August of 2022 as CEO. He oversees all operations, business activities and strategic partnerships, ensuring alignment with their core objectives. His expertise in risk mitigation best practices, and operating expense optimization, utilizing IoT technologies are valuable assets for Fastek.

Prior to joining Fastek, Rob was V.P. Property & Casualty and Indiana Director of Real Estate at USI Insurance Services. He worked directly with owners, contractors, developers and property managers of commercial real estate on developing customized risk management and loss mitigation programs. During this time, he recognized the value IoT technologies provide in reducing total cost of risk and operating expenses.

His insurance career began as a risk consultant at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. where he was a member of their Fortune 500 Risk Management team. He has experience with many types of risk exposures, including those of public and private companies, municipalities, mid-market industrial accounts, large fleet operations, and global manufacturing firms. His proficiency in property coverages, commercial real estate and risk management best practices are highly valued when combined with synergistic client and carrier partnerships.

Before his time in the insurance industry, Rob spent eight years as a commercial real estate broker and has more than 15 years of combined experience in investment advisory, municipal finance, alternative investments, fundraising and the financial printing industry. He has been a member of multiple working groups which have facilitated more than $26 billion of M&A, IPO and municipal finance deals for entities headquartered in Indiana.

Rob received his Bachelors in Economics from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. He holds professional designations as a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) and a Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS).

Outside of work, Rob enjoys golfing, snow skiing, hiking, cooking, wine tastings, and spending time with his three children.

Connect with Daniel Fuller

Daniel is a partner and the VP of Business Development for FullStack PEO and host of the podcast Savage to Sage. He is passionate about seeing people, leaders, cultures, and organizations develop. He says, “When I have the honor of being a part of that maturation process, it's even more satisfying. My life and work are given to empowering teachable, humble, and hungry leaders and teams to create and sustain joyful, strategic, and productive environments.”

Connect with FullStack PEO

FullStack PEO is turnkey HR for emerging companies. They provide a wide ranging, comprehensive, scalable solution that removes the human resource, compliance, and payroll headaches from a company’s to-do list. Their motto and driving value is “You take care of your company, we’ll take care of your people.”

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