Jason Blaiklock, The World's First Bible-as-a-movie app


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Jason & Bella.

Jason and Bella Blaiklock are “accidental” film makers. Both are committed Christians who met at Bible college. With four daughters and a thriving Opal jewelry company they make films as a passionate hobby. www.biblemovieapp.com was developed as a way of bringing the Bible to life for their children and their youth group and scripture class students. This has become the first complete Movie Bible book ever created. Over 10,000 films from multiple genres and film periods combined with stock footage clips and footage donated by cinematographers such as Ken Duncan, Chris Tangey and Phil Caladoukas. Jason and Bella spent over 2,000 hours editing clips to carefully provide accurate film images to support the word-for-word audio dialogue, and then translated this into 12 languages.

www.biblemovie.com.au to download the free app

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZTKtAsMaCY&t=12s for introduction to the project

We are the creators of the worlds first word-for-word-movie-Bible-Book www.biblemovieapp.com, a "Mashup" re-editing over 10,000 movies, stock footage clips, and donated clips sourced from cinematographers such as Ken Duncan and Chris Tangey into a movie narrative. This app has gone viral online with over 5 million views and 110,000+ downloads. The viewership has been phenomenal with literally no marketing behind the launch 100% organic viral growth!


E: jason@australianopalcutters.com

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