Jeffrey Daly, Global Repentance, Part 1 of 2


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Pastor Jeffrey Daly

A former Wall Street lawyer, atheist, and New-Ager, Jeff had an epiphany, repented, and

committed his life to Christ in 1991. Since 1999, with his wife Laurie, he’s pastored and now is Director

of Jesus Christ Fellowship, a non-denominational church following Acts chapter two, in Middletown,

Lake County, California. In addition to his work as an attorney his passion is to write and teach on

repentance. He also is a director of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners in Washington D.C.

In 2009 he wrote, “The Spiritual Battle for the White House.” In 2011, he founded National Day of

Repentance,, to bring souls into the Kingdom, and to encourage personal and

national repentance, by which the Lord will hear from heaven, forgive sins, and heal our

increasingly-suffering lands throughout the planet.. (2 Chronicles 7:13-15).

In 2017 he wrote “Making America Godly Again.” In 2018, he wrote “Call on God’s Protection, Mr.

President,“ urging President Trump to follow the practice of ten earlier Presidents of the United States

in calling for a national day of prayer, fasting and repentance. Two other repentance devotionals

followed, "Planting Repentance in the Garden of the Lord" and "Fifty Days of Counting the Omer."

He has a passion for the gift and power of repentance to be rediscovered in all nations so that we

as His Bride will be ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah, our beloved


Pastor Jeffrey Daly

National Day of Repentance

Post Office Box

1302 Middletown CA USA 95461

(707) 350-0659

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