Ethical Hackers - Why Treat Them As Foes?


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No one likes to be told that their baby is ugly. Magnify that sentiment with a multi-billion dollar corporation with a reputation at stake.

THIS is the challenge that ethical hackers face when they are able to breach environments and report it to these businesses. Are they received well? Sometimes yes, and mostly, no. No one is taking anything or charging for the services. It's a hobby for most of these researchers and the thrill of finding vulnerabilities is often a reward in itself.

Case in point: We had an awesome opportunity to speak with Higinio "W0rmer" Ochoa and two of his collaborators, Robert "Rej_ex" Willis and "Wabafet," all members of the research collective, "Sakura Samurai." Sakura Samurai has gained a reputation for successfully breaching multiple high-profile government targets. Most recently, we discuss the story of their involvement with John Deere, as highlighted in the Forbes article by contributer Paul F. Roberts, "Under Scrutiny, Big Ag Scrambles To Address Cyber Risk."

Chat with W0rmer, Regex, Wabafet Below:


W0rmer: @0x686967

Regex: @rej_ex

Wabafet: @wabafet1

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