Ransomware From APT 69420 to Device Cybersecurity


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Tesla, Cloudflare, Halifax Health, and Equinox are among the victims involved in a breach of more than 150,000 Verdaka's security cameras by a group of hackers known as Advanced Persistent Threat 69420 Arson Cats. The hackers used a "super admin account," which allowed them to peer into the cameras of all of Verdaka's customers. The group found the user name and password for the administrator account publicly exposed on the internet. (Source:https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/hacker-group-breaches-security-cameras-at-tesla-equinox-cloudfare)

Are there reasons to believe that an incident involving office security cameras can impact your customers? How do you defend Device Cybersecurity?

In this Battleground, we will dig into the cybersecurity implication of unmanaged devices in organizations and how zero trust isolation policies can be put in practice to prevent lateral threats from propagating in the network.

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