3 - Crafty Interview - Taetia!


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This is the first interview I have ever done and now I want to talk to embroidery folks every day! I had so much fun! Not to mention the knowledge and inspiration I gained while having said fun. You won't regret plugging us into your ears. I promise!

We talked about many things including how she started with embroidery, going back to when she was a child making houses for rolly polys and caterpillars until now having her work be featured in magazines and selling the most beautiful kits. The wedding veil that she and her daughter are working on sounds lovely! Why didn't I think to do this?

Taetia also talks about how to focus on one project at a time and shares how to not let your self-doubts stop your embroidering! Can you believe she had self-doubts?

I am sure you will love her as much as I do!

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