Aging Out - Healing, Preparing, and Supporting Youth in Foster Care Part 2


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Aged Out: How We’re Failing Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care: Insights and Recommendations, a report developed by Think Of Us, aims to reframe the approach to transitioning youth to adulthood and independent living. The report details three themes regarding areas where the child welfare system is failing foster youth and that should be given greater focus: helping youth heal and deal with trauma, centering youth in their preparedness, and helping youth build a supportive network. This is the second of a two-part episode series. Part 2 focuses on recommendations for agencies and supportive adults to address the three themes. In part 1, the discussion highlights insights and findings surrounding each of the three themes. Topics discussed include recommendations for communities and caseworkers to address the following: • Acknowledging trauma and directly helping youth heal from trauma as a part of care • Clarifying the facts, including dates, about leaving care and helping youth drive and develop their plans • Working with both youth and the adults in their lives to define and confirm what supportive networks can provide

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