A Trini takes on New York, Life and Dating!


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I can’t WAIT to share this NEW episode with you! Meet Mss Francois she has a MHRM and MBA! She is a dynamic entertainer, speaker, producer, writer, author and game changing trendsetter. Francois, migrated the most beautiful Island Trinidad and Tobago in her youth. Since then she has gone on to accomplish and achieve in a plethora of areas! Francois is the host of her self titled show Mss Francois- a talk show that encompasses candid conversations with a variety of entertainment, and uses humor and her unique flair to help others with their dysfunctional relationships! In this episode, we took a deep dive into the cultural differences of how girls and women matriculate through life in Trinidad and Tobago vs how young women are raised in the states! This is a FUN and refreshing conversation that will make you laugh vs giving you insight into a few things you might not have known as it pertains to family life on the island! This episode is also very near and dear to my heart because my ancestral roots on my paternal side are Trinidadian so it’s always a pleasure to speak to a next Trini! This is an episode unlike any other I’ve done and I can’t wait for each of you in my Womanhood Decoded Village to hear it! Find Mss Francois and all of her content on her website at www.mssfrancois.com or connect with her on Instagram @mss_francois Podcast theme music by @corei.taylor ***Join me on Patreon for exclusive content, podcast merchandise and much more! Just download the Patreon App and type in Womanhood Decoded!

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