Quality Automotive Products in an Age of Cyber Crime


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Ensuring quality automotive products in the age of cyber crime is becoming harder and harder due to the amount of endpoints that can easily be compromised within the supply chain. Regardless of where you sit within an organisation, with the increase of hybrid working and remote work, risks of ransomware still remain at large.

CyberAngel recently released a report that stated that there are vulnerabilities in Ford, Volkswagen, and Tesla Advanced Driver Systems. Furthermore, a semiconductor shortage has made profit tighter and production more difficult. If that's the case, how can we know that the products are truly reflective of quality automotive standard? What vulnerabilities in their supply chains will end up affecting the consumer and how stable are the companies that are producing quality automotive vehicles?

According to this same report, 1 in 10 employees have exposed publicly accessible credentials available online. Joining us on this episode of The Next Phase of Cybersecurity is Pauline Losson, Cyber Operations Director at CybelAngel. In this episode, we will be exploring topics such as:

  • Why automotive industries in particular are vulnerable to leaked credentials
  • How you can ensure a strong cybersecurity strategy within your organisation
  • The best way to prevent credentials from being leaked online
  • The trends across North America and Western Europe.

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