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Hello, we are Rachel and Erin! Come join us for a spot of tea as we talk all things Call the Midwife. Rachel and Erin have been friends for over a decade. We’ve spent a lot of our friendship living on separate ends of the US. It reminds us of how the show went on after Jenny Lee left Nonnatus House, but remained connected. Much of our lives are comprised of comings and goings, doors opening and closing, or perhaps a window. By moments, meetings, and happenings. The event doesn’t have to be large, or a kind gesture grandiose to have an impact. Like the show touched on; we too always managed to stay in touch and pick up where we left off. We love how we have been able to still be a part of each other’s story in some way. We recently found that we had a shared love of Call the Midwife, and we were so glad to have someone to discuss it with. We’d been talking about doing a podcast for a while, and this just seemed like the perfect fit. We’ve found that Call the Midwife is such a unique bonding experience for so many people, and we wanted to share in that. We love the characters, and storylines. We love the fact that the show has characters of all ages, from different walks of life and that it's female driven. How the core characters champion for each other and their patients, and that in a way they feel like neighbors or friends. We love how they’re all very human. How each season is one year, and such a detailed illustration of the time-period. How the circumstance in which we are born, can inform our lives. The show tackles such sensitive subject matter with such integrity. We love the show for its honesty, truth, and subtle humor. Life isn’t just dark or light, and the show truly explores that. Hope and grief, loss, and love. The issues of the time, and some things that we still face today. There isn’t anything else out there quite like it. The Call the Midwife fan base has been so welcoming and wonderful already that we feel like we’ve already connected with so many of you. We hope that you’ll share a spot of tea with us, from wherever you are. We welcome you, and we’re so glad you’re here. Stay tuned for our bonus series: Till Next Time...Sister Bernadette: The Shelagh Diaries which is our take on the innermost thoughts of one of the most beloved characters on the show-Shelagh Turner. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Midwifery_Tea

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