#4 Gum Disease - 6 Surprising Reasons You Are Not Performing Well


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Who knew gum disease could be linked to ED?! Well, new studies have revealed some interesting facts you should know. There are several factors stemming from gum disease that work in tandem to create problems in your performance. In this episode, we’ll uncover everything you need to know and break down easy ways to avoid these simple issues so you can get one step closer to recovering your vitality!

Dive in, and let’s uncover reason number 4 of why you are not performing well.

[00:01 - 05:03] Gum Disease and Ed: The Relationship Revealed

• I introduce the topic of gum disease being linked to ED.

• Telltale signs of gum disease.

• Gum disease causes inflammation of the gum, affecting the endothelium.

[05:04 - 10:31] How to Restore Erectile Dysfunction

• The oxidation cycle leads to the loss of nitric oxide which increases inflammation.

• This creates "plaque" in the blood vessel, which can block blood flow into the penis.

• The blood vessels aren’t able to open wide enough to allow blood to enter the penis.

• A word from our sponsor, The Modern Man Club

[10:32 - 14:55] Small Lifestyle Changes Can Go a Long Way

• The signs of gum disease-induced ED.

• How nitric oxide levels affect your performance.

• Diet and exercise can help build up nitric oxide levels.

• How to maintain good oral health and ED caused by gum disease.


“Something as common as gum disease—YES! That can actually affect ED!” - Dr. Anne Truong

“Never underestimate things that we do on a daily basis because it does count.” - Dr. Anne Truong

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