How To Build Your First Sales Funnel


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In this episode of Bulletproof Business Paul talks about the importance of building a sales funnel that generates leads and converts clients.

When you are building a sales funnel it is vital to think of your client’s experience and ensure you do everything you can to not lose them in the process of going through the funnel.Paul explains how to automate the processes of your sales funnel so that you get self qualified leads.

Studying your sales funnel can help you understand where you’re going wrong with prospecting, exactly where leads drop off and what led existing customers to follow the sales funnel all the way through. Optimising your sales funnel can have an immediate, lasting impact on your lead generation and client acquisition process.

In the podcast you will learn:

  • How build a successful sales funnel
  • Why you should only have one call to action on your sales page
  • How to make sure you do not lose potential leads by retargeting them

Bulletproof Business is the show brought to you by serial entrepreneur and business scaling expert Paul Abercrombie to help you understand and overcome your biggest challenges in business. From his experience in growing multiple businesses Paul shares his 8 Figure insights, lessons and methodology to help those building businesses and brands to put the right systems and processes in place in order to scale successfully, without the growing pains.

This show is a mixture of expert lessons from Paul himself revolving around the principles and practises that he puts around his own businesses plus guest interviews with other small business owners who come to him for business growth consultancy and revenue generating brand building advice.

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