Looking Outside entrepreneurship: Julie Meyer, Founder & Co-CEO Eat Well Global


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In Episode 14 of Looking Outside we explore the mindset needed to break out and do something on your own - successfully. Today we’re chatting with Julie Meyer, Founder and Co-CEO of Eat Well Global, about Entrepreneurship.

Having created her own company, and constantly writing and reflecting, Julie shares her motivations for bringing ideas to life, as well as what meaningful ‘real why’ lies behind her personal drive to create something impactful.

As a female founder of an all-female start up, Julie also reflects on how she gained confidence to get to where she is, and why she pays attention to the moments that are ‘warmer’ vs ‘colder’; those moments when you know you are where you’re meant to be.

Entrepreneurship is sometimes seen as a great act of rebellion, of courageously breaking away from the crowd, but here Julie and Jo discuss the power of reaching out to help and get help from others in the quest for continual learning. And of collaboration, with large companies that are working to change how things have always been to make a positive impact (with a little empathy on hand) and with small entrepreneurs who bring forward diverse and fresh thinking.


To look outside, Julie sparks up conversations with her ride share drivers, who she finds help her get her outside herself with a reality check. Julie also connects with different thinkers regularly through her Augmentors podcast.


Julie Meyer, RDN, is the Founder + Co-CEO of Eat Well Global, a communication and consulting firm whose mission is to empower global change agents in food and nutrition.

With more than two decades in nutrition and health communication, and having worked and run a business in China, Julie pairs her diverse knowledge base with international expertise to lead food and nutrition communication for some of the industry's biggest players with enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail.

As a B-Corporation and Certified woman Owned Business (WBENC) working with growing and globally recognized brands, Eat Well Global is realizing their vision of ‘a world where good nutrition is good business’.

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