S1.E10 England vs Scotland - International Caps


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On this episode, we talk about the first international soccer game, between England & Scotland! It's A LOT more exciting than it sounds! England tries to cheat, big surprise! With guests Zahid Dewji & Radu Bondar! It's a fun one!


Houston-based comedian's Will Loden and Nick Palermo have a theory; That every conflict in human history boils down to one group of people looking at another group of people and thinking "Their hats are dumb, and we should take there things."

Each week, on the new podcast "Silly Hats: A History Podcast", we break down a different conflict, from various time periods in history, to prove our hat-based conflict-theory. We also learn hat words! And silly facts! And we roast hats with our favorite comics!

It's real history, with real research and a compelling narrative. Plus fun! Audio & Video!

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