Episode 54: ADM for June 29, 2022: Voting Rights Updates from DC, DE, MO, & LA - Some are Good News for a Change


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Voting Rights Updates from DC, DE, MO, & LA - Some are Good News for a Change
Today's Links
January 6th Committee - CNN - January 6 committee unexpectedly adds new hearing for Tuesday
Delaware - Town Square Live - Same-day voter registration bill heads to Carney
Missouri - St. Louis Public Radio - Huge bill adds extra steps for voters and those who run Missouri elections
Louisiana - The state of voting: June 27, 2022
Delaware - Delaware Voting Rights Coalition, League of Women Voters Delaware
Missouri - Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, League of Women Voters Missouri
Louisiana - ACLU Louisiana, Power Coalition for Equality & Justice
You’re listening to the American Democracy Minute, keeping YOUR government by and for the people.

We have some voting rights updates for you from Washington, DC, Delaware, Missouri, and Louisiana, some of it good news for a change.

First to DC, where a Tuesday 1 pm surprise January 6th Committee hearing was announced Monday, after having signaled the committee wouldn’t be meeting again until July. The committee didn’t indicate who would testify, but reports have now surfaced that Mark Meadow’s executive assistant is expected.

In Delaware, TownSquare Live reports that the legislature has passed a bill implementing same-day voter registration, which Gov. John Carney is expected to sign. Same-day registration has a track record of increasing voter participation.

Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson is expected to sign an omnibus election & voting rights bill which, while implementing early in-person voting for the first time, has added further restrictions to voter ID laws, absentee voting, and election procedures which have advocates and election workers upset. More on this in future reports.

The Fulcrum reports Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed two new bills, one allowing the creation of new rules for “curing” mistakes on absentee ballots, and another facilitating voter registration opportunities for 17-year-old high school seniors.

Links to more information on these bills and groups taking action are at our website, and you can send your comments to WethePeople@AmericanDemocracyMinute.org

Granny D said, “Democracy is not something we have, it’s something we DO.” For the American Democracy Minute, I’m Brian Beihl.

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