Episode 14: Qigong Health Care - How Qigong Can Enhance Western Medicine


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Are you interested in getting the word out about Qigong to more people in your circle, deepening your personal practice, and getting more people practicing Qigong in the world? Join us for this National Qigong Association sponsored Qi Talks with Francesco Garripoli (Chairman, Qigong Institute), Tom Rogers (President, Qigong Institute), and Josie Weaver (Vice-President, Qigong Institute) about promoting Qigong as a critical component of health and well-being solutions, and learn about the scientific evidence that confirms why this is so. Qigong teachers, the general public, healthcare professionals, educators and policy makers can benefit in understanding Qigong to be an essential life skill and what it means to teach and practice. Find out how the new Qigong Institute eBook, “An Introduction to Qigong Health Care” describes scientific research progress, issues, and challenges of integrating Qigong principles and practice into Western medicine and health care. Deepen your practice and support the diffusion of Qigong as a health care innovation when you discover this exciting new research.
A preview of the eBook is available at https://qigonginstitute.org/category/118/an-introduction-to-qigong-health-care-preview and it may be obtained free with a donation at https://qigonginstitute.org/donations .

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