Ep. 3.13 Breaking the Bias


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In this month's episode, Tara and Ellie interviews focused on the International Women's Day theme: Breaking the Bias.

Tara spoke to Farah Rasmi, an editor at the Arab Media and Society Journal. Farah has previously worked in research positions at the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in West Africa and at the Political Capital Institute.

Ellie spoke to Jaya Pathak, co-founder and co-executive director of Yet Again. Yet Again is a UK based youth-led organisation committed to raising awareness and developing an understanding of modern atrocity. Alongside her work at Yet Again, Jaya is Co-chair of Students for Uyghurs, Regional Ambassador for teh Holocaust Education Trust and a Masters of Pharmacy student.

Both women shared their experience of bias and how they, and others, have worked to counter it.

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