SW032 An apartment in La Condesa


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Florian talks to his friend Nico who lives in the neighborhood of La Condesa in the heart of Mexico City. They talk about the current situation in relation to the Corona pandemic in Mexico and how it evolved over the last months.

Usually Nick writes something very witty here. Today not so much. Because Nick wasn't involved in the creation of this episode.





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1. Nick's not here. Hello Nico! (00:00:00)

2. The current situation in La Condesa (00:04:53)

3. How the situation evolved in the last weeks and months (00:13:38)

4. The special case of Mexico City (00:30:06)

5. How Nico teaches from home (00:41:22)

6. Consequences for expatriates (00:51:53)

7. Outro (00:57:37)

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