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For not actually being on a train, there's a lot of talk a lot about trains

Settling into their post-pandemic reality, Florian and Nick talk all about sport and trains. All the trains. Trains in Germany. Trains in Poland and Serbia. Night trains. Train loops! And shockingly, unlike several previous episodes, this was not actually recorded on a train.




Show notes:

The Höllentalbahn (Hell Valley Railway), Rendsburg High Bridge, Rendsburg Loop, Koper to Ljubljana, Cologne-Frankfurt High Speed Rail Line, Kaiserstuhl

The California Zephyr, Truckee Train Station, Polish Night Trains, The “Infamous” Belgrade to Budapest Night Train, The Vienna to Berlin night train (with private showers!), The Acela

Brass Master Class (in German)

Accuracy Third


1. Intro (no music) (00:00:00)

2. Recapping last weeks episode (00:05:46)

3. Taking music lessons (00:08:40)

4. Interlude: Accuracy Third (00:17:28)

5. Warm-up draft: Snack Box (00:18:29)

6. The draft (00:23:57)

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