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Welcome to the Shaping Exercises 101 podcast!

No, it's not about fitness and gym tips (apparently). It's an analysis podcast for the web serial (and soon book trilogy) Mother of Learning, written by Domagoj Kurmaic, featuring rational actors trapped in a timeloop!

Griffin is a seasoned, multiple-time reader and fan of the work, who will acompany Gorky through a first-time read, and they'll discuss a few chapters every week.

Hear them say hi in this very, very short teaser, and tune in next week for the first episode, in which we'll be discussing chapters 1–3:

  1. Good Morning Brother
  2. Life's Little Problems
  3. The Bitter Truth

You can read Mother of Learning in Royal Road and FictionPress.

You can chat with us on Discord. And leave us comments, questions, and suggestions on Github. 😅

Until next week! 👋


  • Yes, we know that Lord of the Rings takes place over 3 years. Griffin's girlfriend already chastised him for that mistake.
  • We're both total newbs to podcasting, audio editing, and at least one of us to public speaking (and speaking in general). Please excuse awkwardness, nervousness, fumbles, with this in mind for the first couple episodes 🙏
  • The intro (and the outro) is an edit of one of the songs from Groundhog Day's OST: "Sometimes People Just Die", by George Fenton

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