5 Reasons to Start a Side Hustle


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Have you ever dreamed of starting a side hustle?

Maybe you want to make extra money for your family while still having some flexibility or perhaps you just want to use your talents and passions in a new way.

While starting a side hustle is a great way to add much-needed income, there are a lot of other big reasons to start one!

In this episode, Jordan lays out five reasons why starting a side hustle is a great idea.

Whether you want to work from home on your own schedule or you just want to have an outlet where you can be creative and pursue something you enjoy, tune in to this episode for the encouragement (and push) you need to get started.

You’ll learn:

  • How Jordan’s businesses all started from a small side hustle
  • The advantages of having a side hustle
  • How to scale your side hustle based on the season of life you’re in
  • Why a side hustle can bring purpose and fulfillment
  • The role a side hustle can play when switching careers or jobs
  • How you can experience growth through learning and using new skills

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