Why Comparison Is Keeping You From Your Calling (Ft. Nona Jones)


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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram only to see a bunch of ladies who are killing it in their business, ministry, or home life?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a business or side hustle, but feel like your work can’t compare to all those IG accounts you’re looking at.

Or maybe it just seems like everyone has it all together except for you (hint: they don’t).

The truth is that comparison can negatively affect how we show up for work and for each other.

So in this episode, Jordan chats with author, pastor, and speaker Nona Jones about how to kill comparison so we can start showing up for what we were meant to do.

If you’re ready to kick comparison to the curb, grab your headphones and tune in to learn:

  • How comparison can keep us from what God has for us
  • Why overcoming comparison is key to pursuing your dreams
  • What a healthy level of comparison looks like
  • How comparison can affect your confidence and your work
  • Ways to reframe the trigger of your comparison
  • What the Bible says about comparison

Want to dig deeper? Go to nonajones.com.

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