Jesus Is Worthy | Pastor Randy Borror: Denying Christ - Part Twenty


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This is Part Twenty of a series that my Pastor, Randy Borror, taught at our local church... Thanks for hanging out with me today! If you have been blessed by this content and would like to help support the things we do here, you may do so by visiting: For everything SAW related, check out our official website: For exclusive content join The Flock, our official community: Questions, comments, concerns, snarks, or conundrums? E-mail me: For more resources including free books: If you're more into listening instead of viewing, check out the Podcast Directory: If you're more into viewing instead of just listening, check out our YouTube channel: THEME MUSIC - The Travelling Symphony by Savfk | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) You are now free to roam about the countryside! #christianity #apologetics #discipleship

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