EP339 - Pot Calling The Kettle A N***A


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Welcome back to shoptalkpodcast EP339! J and Dame are back for another week of foolishness. They start the episode off kicking it about old diss records that dont get enough credit, who are the street rappers, and people not paying back outrageous amounts in lawsuits. They guys then discuss a woman defending her Childs father, crazy off duty police road rage incident and more. The core of the episode is spent discussing portions of Candace Owen's documentary "The Great Lie Ever Sold" and two factual statement Kanye made that people are "cancelling" him over. Would love to hear what you think about this. Send in a voice note to shoptalkpodcast@gmail.com

Music Pick - My Accountant - Jeezy

Whose Mans Is This - Howard Stern

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