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MY NAME IS PEGGY S IMM ANESI ....I AM A BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND A CHRISTIAN WOMEN AND I AM ALSO A INTUITIVE MEDIUM...ALL FAITHS ARE WELCOME TO MY SHOW ... I LOST MANY CLOSE TO ME INCLUDING 2 OF MY OWN CHILDREN AND THEIR FATHER AND THEY ALL SEND ME SO MANY SIGNS ....MY SHOW CONSISTS OF STORIES OF LOVED ONES SENDING YOU SIGNS.. Call in and ask questions or just to vent about what you are feeling because of grieving the loss of a loved one ...especialy a child as I lost 2 of my own and understand..or if you want to discuss any of our archived shows and our guests..Marsha and I will be taking your calls @ 1-347-838-9301....we talk about the signs our loved ones send us and to understand the signs are real.....we also do readings when spirit feels a need to communicate with you ..and we also play some great music ... Do you believe in miracles ? Tonights show we will be sharing stories of Miracles in our lives and why you believe they happened to you or those you know .....I believe there is no coincidence and there is a reason we all go through things in this life to bring us to a higher purpose .....

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