Do’s and Don’ts of Text Messaging when Dating


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Have you ever made a text messaging gaffe while dating that may have cost you another date?

Good communication is critical to any successful relationship. This is even more apparent early in the dating process, because one mistake could end your interaction forever. Therefore there are unwritten rules of communication when dating, yet with each generation these rules evolve. Today the primary form of communication is text messaging. Whether messaging through text or direct message (DM) the do’s and don’ts of messaging when dating are there, but do you understand them?

Messaging is still fairly new when you consider the age of telecommunications.

For the most part people know that you probably shouldn’t call someone ten times in one day after your first date (aka unwritten rule). Yet do people know that probably shouldn’t text someone ten times either. Messaging is a whole new world. We have basic etiquettes, emojis, bit-emoji’s, abbreviations, memes, videos and pictures. Using all CAPS is a no-no, and sending the incorrect emoji could cause embarrassment and spell doom.

In this podcast episode we have fun discussing some of the do’s and don’ts of messaging when dating. We share some of our embarrassing moments and other helpful tips that can help you navigate communication in the twenty-first century. For those married, we have a part 2 discussing do’s and don’ts to be release next week.

We want to hear from you! What are some of your embarrassing moments? Did we miss something? What advice would you share when messaging?

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald

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