Simply HIS | The 10 Commandments Part 3


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Join us as we embark on part 3 in a 6-part video series covering the 10 Commandments from a fresh perspective! In our society, many people have to work the weekends and what would be considered the “Sabbath.” When you work on the Sabbath, are you committing a sin? Join us in the SimplyHIS coffee shop as Reverend Donna Howell breaks down this topic and more! Join us in the Simply HIS Coffee Shop as we discuss this controversial topic! ☃️❄️GET THE SIMPLYHIS WINTER PACKAGE!❄️☃️ 🏠 LIVE HAPPY | a book by Kortney and Dave Wilson; the beloved couple from HGTV. In Live Happy, the Wilsons take you on a warm and inviting journey to help make wherever you live, feel like home. ☕Matte Black and Blue Two Toned Ceramic Mug- 16oz Capacity 🫖Certified Organic Spicy Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea - AKA. Christmas in a cut ;-) ♨️Tornado Watch Certified Organic, Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee Place your order today for only $25 plus shipping and handling! Shop Simply HIS online at or call 844-750-4985 now! FOLLOW US! Facebook: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHIS @EdensEssentials Instagram: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentialsUSA TikTok: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentials | | |

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