All you need to know about chronic long-term back pain and sciatica


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Well we would like to think so!
Many of us have at some stage in our lives suffered with back pain and generally it has gone away. But for those that are living everyday a life racked in chronic back pain, this is an important episode to listen to that may just help you.

Where we talk about chronic back pain and sciatica, an in depth discussion on the symptoms and causes of chronic back pain.
Answering the questions, we have our guest speaker prof. Mohamed Al - Jumaily.
As well, he will be outlining the latest non - surgical treatments available today that are really having an impact on people's daily lives to reduce pain and in some cases make it go away.
Join us as we interview UK's top doctors, physios, chiropractors , osteopaths, pain specialists, personal trainers and alternative health practitioners to learn about their experiences with musculoskeletal health and injuries.

Listen to expert independent reviews of the latest orthopaedic products & devices from the world of orthopaedic medicine.

Our rising Orthopaedic stars will provide listeners with their up-to-date insights, latest developments and scientific breakthroughs in musculoskeletal (MSK) treatments & products.

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Let’s get those joints moving

Duration circa 20 minutes

Hosted by Amim Hasan
Guest speaker - Internationally renowned neurosurgeon professor Mohamed Al- Jumaily.

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