Anthony Joseph - Award-winning Writer & Musician - Author of “Sonnets for Albert”


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Anthony Joseph is a poet, novelist, academic and musician who moved from Trinidad to the UK in 1989. A lecturer in creative writing at Birkbeck College, he is particularly interested in the point at which poetry becomes music.

As well as four poetry collections, a slew of albums, and three novels – most recently Kitch – Joseph has published critical work exploring the aesthetics of Caribbean Poetry among other subjects. He performs internationally as the lead vocalist for his band The Spasm Band. Sonnets for Albert is his first poetry collection since Rubber Orchestras. His most recent album is The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives.

"And that is, I think, a lot of the origin of the way we see the Caribbean and the way we see who we are - and music as well of that time - Calypso. So the Caribbean identity itself, I think, by the time we enter the UK in 1948 under Windrush, by the time that happens, there's a sense of a sense of what Caribbeaness means or what the Caribbean identity is. And there's a point at which it changes. So we move from being - I mean we were Commonwealth, a colonized nation, and we move from being colonized subjects or subjects of the British Empire, and we become immigrants. And there's a change there that happens in that time in the late forties where we become - because we're in the country itself - we become immigrants. And then the struggle for identity begins.”

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