Corruption buster on exposing Olympic boxing fixing; US women's football abuse; Europe v SAmerica matches; Europa League racism; Ex-stars slam FIFA World Cup push; Super League update; F1 to Qatar


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Episode 36 of Sport Unlocked, the podcast dissecting the week's sports news issues with interviews and insight from Rob Harris, Martyn Ziegler and Tariq Panja.

On the agenda on October 1, 2021:

  • Boxing scandal: Interview with investigator Richard McLaren on the fixing at the Olympics and how power corrupts governing bodies.
  • Women's football abuse: American women's legal in turmoil over sexual coercion and harassment allegations - and why action is only being taken now against the coach.
  • Europe unites with South America: Continental champions to meet in matches while UEFA & CONMEBOL plan London office.
  • FIFA move to US: Commercial staff could move Stateside from Zurich.
  • Biennial World Cups: FIFA finally holds a summit for members as Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher question why retired players like them are being so heavily pushed in the campaign.
  • Super League fallout: Speedy analysis on what a Spanish court ruling means for UEFA's hopes of punishing rebel clubs.
  • Europa League racism: More abuse in Prague - why wasn’t the stadium fully closed?
  • Formula One: Qatar gets a race for the first time.
  • Beijing Olympics: Heavy restrictions with coronavirus rules for 2022 Winter Games.

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