English FA international & diversity chief interviewed; FIFA losing EA game?; Week of Saudis at Newcastle; Commonwealth Games changes; Olympic medals for swimmers cheated by dopers?; Vaccine mandates


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Episode 39 of Sport Unlocked, the podcast dissecting the week's sports news issues with interviews and insight from Rob Harris, Martyn Ziegler and Tariq Panja.

On the agenda on October 15, 2021:

  • A week of the Saudi control of Newcastle: Fans' song of Amanada Staveley, questions over the financing, Jurgen Klopp wanting to hear more from the Premier League on why the takeover was approved and Steve Bruce on the media.
  • FIFA: Is the EA video game about to lose the FIFA name? Where Gianni Infantino now thinks should host the World Cup.
  • Medals for Olympians who were cheated by dopers in 1970s & 80s scandals? Analysing the plans in the swimming.
  • Commonwealth Games: News on the only two sports now required. What's the future of the games?
  • Vaccine mandates in US sports: Should they test instead?
  • From 34 minutes in, interview with English FA director of international and diversity Edleen John on the fight against racism online and in stadiums.

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