September 24, 2022: Davis Tent & ALC Global Adventures


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Today’s Guests:
We brought back Will Marquardt, Owner of Davis Tent, to finish up from our conversation from last week. Will says there is still time to get your tent order in and be able to have it for the upcoming Rifle Seasons. Check out their website at Also, if you want to rent some great camping equipment check out Outdoors Geek at They offer top quality gear and can ship it anywhere for your convenience.

Then our friend Sergio Alcazar with ALC Global Adventures joins us to talk about some of his recent hunts. If you need help finding a quality outfitter, Sergio will be glad to assist you and his services do not increase your hunt price. You will pay the same as if you were going to deal directly with the Outfitter. We discuss some tips in choosing the right Outfitter. Call Sergio with any questions at (303) 921-3055.

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