Episode 27: Faso's False Equivalence and Final TinyTownHall with Brian Flynn


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In Episode 27, Justin reminds us about the Black Women's March on April 7, talks about Faso's usual inaccessibility during Congressional recess, and his unwillingness to denounce the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which Robert Mercer, a prominent Faso supporter, among others, aided in facilitating stealing Facebook user data for political purposes. Faso instead likened the scandal to social media techniques used during the Obama campaign. A return of #FiveFastFasoFacts travels to 1997, when Faso voted against a raise in the minimum wage.

We end our #TinyTownHall series with #NY19 candidate Brian Flynn. We delve into his background and any questions that may have arisen, we get deep with a discussion on morality, and about the time he rented a fancy car.

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