Spotlight SE01EP2 “Challenges: Opportunities or Limitations?” with Dr. Margaret Ilomuanya


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Episode 02: “Challenges: Opportunities or Limitations?” with Dr. Margaret Ilomuanya Episode summary: Dr. Ilomuanya walks us through her prolific 2-decade long career in the pharmaceutical space, some of which she spent in the hospital setting before heading on to academia. In this episode, you will learn how she built this career founded on intentionality and deliberateness. She believes that vision shapes actions and describes how you can craft one effortlessly. Dr. Ilomuanya is multifaceted; a master sportsperson, a polyglot, a lover of music, and highly family-oriented. She lives with a mindset of endless possibilities and shares some of her thought processes and systems with Nelson. Rest assured, you're in for an experience. Highlights Introductions 00:00:58 Growing up and early life 00:07:00 Early career 00:14:30 Accessing opportunities 00:19:23 Major breakthrough 00:41:45 Challenges, hurdles and support systems 00:47:45 Finding Balance and staying grounded 00:51:53 Rapid-fire questions 01:02:27 Have questions/ comments/ concerns/ recommendations? Write us at Subscribe to the podcast anywhere you listen. Remember to like and also share it if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to Pharmabuzz, a PSN YPG Newsletter at and follow @psnypg on Instagram and @psn-ypg on Twitter. You can find Dr. Ilomuanya on LinkedIn or email her at --- Send in a voice message:

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