Spotlight SE01EP3 “Moving with Direction” ft Pharmacist Adeshina Opanubi


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Episode 03: “Moving with Direction” ft Pharmacist Adeshina Opanubi Episode summary: In this episode Nelson speaks with Pharm Shina Opanubi, Project Catalyst of Pharmalliance Network, a network of retail pharmacies changing the Nigerian community pharmacy landscape. Pharm Opanubi’s work currently focuses on trumping the challenges that bedevil retail and industrial pharmacy in Nigeria. We talk about his journey from Pfizer, leaving and moving on to build from the ground up. Today, he has led the introduction of the Moxie brand, setting the pace for premium locally produced pharmaceuticals. Highlights Early life, growing up, pharmacy school 00:01:50 Early career and rising through the ranks at Pfizer 00:14:02 Tips for Medical Sales/Marketing Representatives 00:28:31 The Pharmalliance Story 00:34:05 The Moxie Story 00:49:53 Branding 101 00:57:22 Navigating remuneration as a young professional 01:09:30 Wins and Lessons 01:20:35 Rapid fire questions 01:24:44 Have questions/ comments/ concerns/ recommendations? Write us at Subscribe to the podcast anywhere you listen. Remember to like and also share it if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to Pharmabuzz, a PSN YPG Newsletter at and follow @psnypg on Instagram and @psn-ypg on Twitter. --- Send in a voice message:

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