Spotlight SE01EP4 “At the Forefront of Transforming Healthcare Businesses” ft. Johnny Amadasun


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Episode 04: “At the Forefront of Transforming Healthcare Businesses” ft Pharmacist Johnny Amadasun Episode summary: Pharmacist Amadasun takes us on a journey of discovering diversity and the richness of it. We talked about his over 20 years entrepreneurial and management career with a theme of continuous improvement, rapid changes and redefining policies and protocols. He sees businesses in the least of ideas and follows through till the very end. In this episode you will discover how his passion for business grew, from being an eight year old passively learning the ropes at his father’s hospital and finally taking the reins as a second year pharmacy undergraduate. His first major outing in the world of business was bringing a hospital out of a looming financial crisis as the banks were looking to foreclose on the business. We went on to discuss his strategy for starting and running businesses, acquiring talent, and his drive to empowering his team to become intrapreneurs. Pharm Amadasun likes to travel and believes that exposure from seeing new places can be transformative for both personal mindset and business. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did having it. Have questions/ comments/ concerns/ recommendations? Write us at Subscribe to the podcast anywhere you listen. Remember to like and also share it if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to Pharmabuzz, a PSN YPG Newsletter at and follow @psnypg on Instagram and @psn-ypg on Twitter. --- Send in a voice message:

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