Spotlight SE01EP5: “Success: It's In the Lives Touched” ft Pharmacist Olufunto Olude


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Episode 05: “Success: It's In the Lives Touched” ft Pharmacist Olufunto Olude Episode summary: In this episode, Pharmacist Olude bears it all. We spoke about her near-death experience as a child and how holding the mic from a young age has tied into her life and work today. We talked about moving from the private sector to civil service, discovering customer service and now ultimately working to promote patient safety. We spoke about finding clarity and identifying your purpose early. She shares timeless advice on how to do this. If you are looking to find your way, this is a conversation that may just help you define your path. She also discusses the importance of developing new connections and collaborating for impact. Enjoy! Have questions/ comments/ concerns/ recommendations? Write us at Subscribe to the podcast everywhere you listen. Remember to like and also share it if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to Pharmabuzz, a PSN YPG Newsletter at and follow @psnypg on Instagram and @psn-ypg on Twitter. --- Send in a voice message:

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