How This Sickle Cell Warrior Is Thriving Through The Pain. A Chat With Dima Hendricks


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Dima Hendricks is a wife, mom of two boys, a sickle cell survivor, pageantry advocate with a resume that includes: Miss. Black Dorchester USA, Miss Black Massachusetts USA, and Mrs. Massachusetts International to name a few. She is the author of the book” Unleashing Royalty a R.O.Y.A.L Formula to Help You Walk Into Queendom With Purpose”, she is also an ambassador of change committed to helping individuals discover their true potential and unleash their royalty.
On the podcast we chatted about:
- Sickle Cell Disease and what it feels like when she goes through a sickle cell crisis.
-How she's thriving despite the pain.
- How she had learned to embrace sickle cell and now coaches others who have the disease.
-How she parents through the pain and her suggestions for others who are doing the same.
-The importance of asking for help while parenting through the pain.
-How she wants everyone to grow in their purpose.
-The importance of having a plan and a vision.
-Words of hope for women to see the queen they are.
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