This Mom Helps Turn Ambitious Women Into Confident Career Changers And Fulfilled Professionals: A Chat With Tonya Montella


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Tonya has been a working professional for over seventeen years in the corporate world, and supported her husband’s business through investment and working hours. Tonya has changed careers three times and has climbed her way up quickly being a top performer each time.

Tonya has always been one who people seek for career advice. She ended up starting her own coaching business giving other women the tools to lean into career change with confidence and land the jobs they desire. Tonya has written an ebook, launched a podcast, and offers public speaking as another means of empowering women to own their fulfillment in their careers.

On the podcast we chatted about:
-How she has managed being an entrepreneur while having a toddler.
-Her suggestions for moms wanting to make a career change in their lives.
-The importance of taking leaps of faith.
-Wiping away mom guilt. Is it possible?
-Why every woman should update her resume now.
-How she creates a work/life balance.
And so much more!
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