This Parenting Coach Shares The Various Stages All Parents Go Through: A Chat With Tania Lopez


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Tania Lopez is a Parenting Coach from Full Circle Hypnotherapy, where she combines coaching and hypnotherapy to help moms who are struggling with their children’s behavior to create peace and harmony.

She has been working with parents for two decades and has seen how parents are seen as disposable (in the workplace and personally e.g. losing friends), culpable (if anything goes wrong, it’s so easy to point the finger at parents) and taken for granted. She has worked with parents, especially moms, to start to change this age-old perception and to value and respect both parents and children so they are able to thrive in a society that sometimes wants them to be invisible.
On the podcast we chatted about:
-How parents were massively impacted by the pandemic.
-Why she became a parenting coach.
-The various types and stages of parenting.
-How people move through various stages of parenting.
-Conversation parents should have with their children regarding their household.
And so much more!!
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