Cindy Jackson : An Expert In Tudor Embroidery


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Cindy Jackson is a freelance embroiderer, embroidery designer and embroidery tutor based in Ottawa, Canada, with a fascination for Tudor embroidery. In fact Cindy is an expert in this area, with published research papers and she has also developed kits and classes focused on Tudor embroidery.

Susan Weeks chats with Cindy today on Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast. Some highlights of our chat include:

  • Learning how to teach online and loving it!
  • Has online teaching breathed new life into embroidery?
  • So many people are picking up a needle and enjoying the theraputic benefits of embroidery
  • Enjoying her new basement studio during snowy weather and lockdown
  • More online visibility for textile artists
  • More online accessibility for experienced embroiderers and learners alike
  • The habit of a daily Facebook post
  • The consistency of keeping going is one of our biggest challenges with social media
  • "Let's do it online and make an adventure of it"
  • It was a shot in the dark... applying to be an RSN Apprentice in the 70s, from Toronto!
  • From RSN Apprentice to Cartographic Technician
  • Flabbergasted by the Elizabethan Burse at the British Museum
  • Where and What is Gutter Lane?
  • Invenire Gaudium "Find Joy"
  • The detailed process of creating a design for a kit or course
  • Mailing envelopes around the world to eager students
  • Helping stitchers to meet others from around the world
  • "they are not UFO's they are experiments!"

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Broderers Hall, Gutter Lane 1515 to 1940

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