SSFP Episode 77 | PS2 Snack Tray Supremacy


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Welcome back Skele-friends!

This week BRUTAL Derek and the 'duce herself Grace wax poetic on the downfall of Google Stadia. We then turn to the pressing issue of the day: CONTROLLERS. Reviews for Stadia’s surprisingly good controller and the legendary Logitech Playstation 2 Keyboard/Snack Tray follow. Then the collective turns to Patreon questions. It’s a Stop Skeletons banger of an episode!

Time to Resident Evil: 51:09, probably a new record!

Sorry for the lateness of the post on this one, the good news is we were distracted wrapping up a new video and it is currently being edited! And it's a shorter video for once, so look for that sooner than later.

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Stay Powerful!

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