189: The Important People in Our Lives


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I'm back! Are you surprised? I am!

This week, I'm talking about:

  • How lack of control makes us feel helpless. Do controlled kids feel helpless? Does control lead to mental health issues?
  • If we want a society of responsible adults, do we need to listen to kids, give them freedom, and let them learn how to be responsible for themselves?
  • Difficult times, friends, and our unschooling community
  • How change can stretch us, and how we learn when we have an interest or a need
  • Video gaming and what I've learnt since I became a video gamer
  • My new children's novel, The Angels of Wallaby Way!
  • Perfectionism, and the fear of criticism, and Marco Polo video messages
  • The value of feedback, encouragement, and the most important people in our lives
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What I discovered When I Became a Video Gamer

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