5: Do no harm also applies to journalism – Thin Lei Win, humanitarian correspondent


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This episode features Thin Lei Win, an award-winning Burmese climate change, food security and humanitarian correspondent living in Italy. Thin recently went freelance after nearly 13 years reporting for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Thomson Reuters global news agency. Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, she is also the founder and former chief correspondent of bilingual news agency Myanmar Now and co-founder of the non-profit storytelling project The Kite Tales, a unique storytelling and preservation project chronicling the lives and histories of ordinary people across Myanmar.
We discuss whether the foreign correspondent model is due a reckoning following a recent reporting trip by CNN International to Myanmar to cover the country’s recent military coup. The media outlet was widely criticised for the trip, with many accusing it of downplaying the role played by local journalists and for causing harm as 11 local sources were arrested after speaking to CNN’s reporter.
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