130: 🎤 Live Coaching Session with Luca Cometti


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What we talk about:

2:12 - What are Luca’s goals for this season?

3:37 - What made Luca do trail biking?

7:09 - What is Luca’s focus in terms of process and transition for Enduro?

10:00 - When will Luca start his training for the season?

12:25 - Derek’s strength training recommendation

16:05 - Why should Luca spend more time on his bike?

21:03 - What are Derek’s gear tracking recommendations?

26:11 - Why isn’t it recommended to rely so much on data?

29:14 - Derek’s take on Luca’s nutrition and usual meal

32:13 - Why is fueling consistently important?

35:48 - Derek’s tip when you hit a wall during a ride

38:53 - Why is it important to read food labels?

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