136 - 🏋️ Strength Training Tips For Cyclists with Coach Josh


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What we discussed:

0:00 - Intro

2:07 - Announcements

4:38 - Why is frequency (consistency) more important than intensity?

6:13 - How many days is Josh riding in a week?

7:45 - How did Josh model his program?

10:33 - Does Josh hold back too when it comes to leg training?

14:07 - Why is it hard to bounce back if you are inconsistently training?

17:59 - What variable is often neglected when doing intensity training?

20:20 - Josh’ favorite way of preparing for sessions?

21:42 - What is a T-Spine?

24:51 - Derek’s take on Josh’ prep sessions

28:23 - What is core bracing?

33:56 - Josh’ additional tips in terms of warm ups

35:50 - What is Post Activation Potentiation and when to implement it?

39:35 - Heart of Gold Gravel Race recap

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