137 - 🚴 Caldera 500 MTB with Ron Shevock


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What we discussed:

0:00 - Intro

2:23 - Announcements

3:52 - Ron’s initial reaction when he saw the route

6:14 - Description of the Caldera 500 route

8:17 - What’s the FKT and history of Caldera 500?

9:59 - How did Ron plan the waypoints?

14:23 - What were Ron’s major concerns and fears during the ride?

19:59 - Ron’s bike set up for the ride

24:47 - In a perfect scenario, what was Ron’s goal when he did the ride?

30:28 - How was the first day of the ride and how long did it go as planned?

35:24 - When did Ron have his check-in timewise?

36:36 - Ron’s unexpected crash

45:35 - Ron’s Day 2 of riding

50:02 - Why did Ron decide to take the 250 Turn?

55:32 - Tony finishing the Caldera 500

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Caldera 500: Sträva Route

Caldera 500: General Info

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