Compilation Episode from the Social/Digital Hub at the 2021 Morningstar Investment Conference


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Listen to a compilation episode recorded live at the #OpenMic podcast station in the Social/Digital Hub at the Morningstar Investment Conference, September 22-24, 2021 at the McCormick Center in Chicago. Marie and Jonny sat down with a handful of conference attendees to discuss the various ways they overcame the challenges caused by the pandemic, including insights into digital communications. Many also discussed highlights and key takeaways from the conference. Special thanks to everyone who joined us!

Guests included:

David Mehlhorn, Director of Sales, Redtail Technology

Allan Roth, Founder, Wealth Logic

Joe Cook, Chief Operating Officer, CoastalOne

Jaclyn Marshall, Director of Communications, Regiment, LLC

Roger Wohlner, Freelance Writer and Journalist

Stefania Di Bartolomeo, Founder & CEO, Physis Investment

Marianne Rivera, Publisher,

Walter K. Booker, Chief Operating Officer, MarketCounsel

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