All the New Managers, Relievers Signing, & Rookies of the Year! | 575


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Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 4:53 Interim Managers Promoted 7:07 Marlins Hire Skip Schumaker 12:00 Royals Hire Matt Quatraro 16:48 Rangers HIre Bruce Bochy 22:45 White Sox Hire Pedro Grifol 27:00 Edwin Diaz Returns to the Mets 33:00 Robert Suarez gets 5-year deal from Padres 36:30 Rafael Montero returns to Houston Astros & GM James Click Does NOT 41:45 Julio Rodriguez & Michael Harris II Win Rookie of the Year Awards 49:30 Qualifying Offer Decisions 50:45 Astros are in on Anthony Rizzo 53:30 Rays Rumors are Hot in the Streets

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